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Getting autoviews on the VK

What's it for?

Quality autoviews on the VK became a perfect tool for profile promotion. They show how much interest do different posts attract. They can add some live activity to your page and increase followers count. When your post gets more of those -- your VK-account is getting more popular as well.
Promoting business this way helps to get in touch with your audience, helps with brand development and achieving goals like: regular growth os sales, traffic increase, convertions, attracting loyal and new auditory, ads budget decrease.
• Раскрутить свой бизнес или личный бренд;
• Повысить доверие к странице;
• Повысить стоимость продаваемой рекламы на странице;
• Увеличить конверсию.
И все, что нужно для этого сделать — купить комментарии в Вконтакте на нашем сайте

How does it work?

It's vary easy to buy autoviews with SMMTouch,
you just do the following:

1) Choose desired service type;
2) Add your VK-account;
3) Pay the bill.

Запуск комментариев начинается через 5-60 минут после оплаты. Если у вас есть сомнения, начните с минимального заказа в 50 рублей за 100 комментариев и проверьте, как это работает.
Воспользуйтесь сервисом SMMTouch, и у вас навсегда отпадет вопрос: как накрутить комментарии в Вконтакте быстро и дешево.

Do I need autoviews on feather posts?

Got no time for manual views purchase for new photos?
Мы даем гарантию 30 дней на накрутку комментариев.
With the help of this feature you will receive views on your new photos. The amount of views and posts is chosen by yourself.

5 reasons to order autoviews from us:

1) User-friendly interface allows 2-click purchase
2) 3+ years of service
3) Great price/quantity ratio
4) No ban and no cancellation guarantee
5) Fast launch


To make an order select the service, insert your profile and specify the number. You will be redirected to the payment service to finish the purchase. Once you pay, we will start executing your order immediately.
Likes and views will start increasing within 1-15 min after the payment.
Followers - within 5-300 min after the payment.
Yes, your profile has to be open. Promotion of private accounts is not possible.
Auto likes is a service which automatically gives a certain amount of likes to a new post. The likes will be added within 5-10 min after posting the photo.
Auto views, as you might guess, is the same as auto likes but for views.
Changing your login data after the payment is not recommended. If you do this, we lose your page and all efforts to promote your page are wasted.
We are a reliable provider of all our services. But if you have any doubts, you can start with just 50 cents to check our trustworthiness.
Depending on the strategy you choose, the promotion can be done both by real people and by robots.
From the point of view of the algorithm,the quality indicators of the work performed by real people are much higher.