Our advantages

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Accounts with profile pictures and posts. Most of the accounts are real people.

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You can start using our service for only $0.50.

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Likes and views are launched instantly. Followers will be increased within 10 min but the process can take up to 300 min.

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How to place an order?

Very simple buying process!


Choose a set


Fill out the form


Make a payment

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Instagram likes boost

Why invest in Instagram likes?

Quality likes on Instagram became an excellent tool for profile development, they show the level of interest in a particular post, can add activity to the page and increase the number of followers. The more likes a post gains, the more popular the Instagram account becomes.

Promoting your business with our tools will help you get closer to your customers, improve brand development and allow you to achieve the following goals: incremental sales growth, increased traffic, customer conversion, attracting a loyal customer base, reduction in advertising budget.

How does it work?

It's very easy to buy Instagram likes with SMMTouch,

1) Select the required set of services;
2) Provide the link to your post;
3) Make a payment;

The launch of likes starts within 5-20 minutes after payment. If you have any doubts, start with a minimum order of 19 rubles for 100 likes and check how it works. Using the SMMTouch-service means you'll never have to worry about getting likes again - it's quick, cheap and easy.

Looking for likes for future posts?

No time to order likes manually for each new post?
No problem! Check our Auto Like options.
This service will help you to get likes for new photos automatically. You choose the number of likes and posts.

5 reasons to order likes from us:

1) User-friendly system which allows you to order in just two clicks
2) More than three years market-experience
3) Excellent cost/performance ratio
4) No danger of banning or unfollowing
5) Instant launch


To make an order select the service, insert your profile and specify the number. You will be redirected to the payment service to finish the purchase. Once you pay, we will start executing your order immediately.
Likes and views will start increasing within 1-15 min after the payment.
Followers - within 5-300 min after the payment.
The launch of story views starts within 5-60 minutes after payment.
The launch of reposts starts within 5-120 minutes after payment.
To ensure the safety of your account, we boost it gradually.
Yes, your profile has to be public.
It is impossible to promote private accounts.
There should also be no age limit set on your account.
Auto likes is a service which automatically gives a certain amount of likes to a new post. The likes will be added within 5-10 min after posting the photo.
Auto views, as you might guess, is the same as auto likes but for views.
Changing your login data after the payment is not recommended. If you do this, we lose your page and all efforts to promote your page are wasted.
We are a reliable provider of all our services. But if you have any doubts, you can start with just 50 cents to check our trustworthiness.
Depending on the strategy you choose, the promotion can be done both by real people and by robots.