• How to order?

    To order, select the service, enter the link and specify the quantity. You will be redirected to the payment system, where you will need to make payment. After the payment is made, your order will automatically be processed.

  • After what time does the order begin to be executed?

    Likes and views start automatically in 5-15 seconds after the payment.

  • Should my profile be open?

    Yes, your profile must be open. It is not possible to promote closed pages.

  • What are Auto Likes and Auto Views?

    Auto Likes is a service that automatically puts a certain number of likes on new publications. Likes come in 5-10 minutes after the publication of a photo.

    Auto Views, as can be guessed, is the same thing as auto likes, only for views.

  • Can I change my login after the payment?

    You can not change the login after the payment. If this happens, we lose your page, and all the efforts made on promotion, are lost.

  • What guarantees?

    We conscientiously execute all orders. If you have doubts, start with a minimum order of $ 1 to check our reliability.

  • Are they real people?

    They are both living and bots. It depends on what you order.

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